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Indicator - FL Memo Ltd

Calgarth House
39-41 Bank Street
Ashford, Kent, TN23 1DQ

Indicator Ltd
VAT GB 726 598 394
Registered in England
Company Registration No. 3235138

01233 653500
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The areas we provide advice for.

Publications in this domain cover everything to do with the fast-moving world of environmental regulation. They cut through the complex rules and offer ready to use advice to help ensure your business complies in the least-cost way.
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Health & safety
These publications provide tips and advice on how to reduce workplace health and safety costs without exposing your business to legal liablity. They are for directors, business owners, health and safety managers, advisors and consultants.
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These publications provide practical tips and advice on how to use your Internet connection to the maximum, both professionally and privately. No technical jargon, but user-friendly advice. For everyone.
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These publications provide tips and advice to help you get the most from your personnel. They are for everyone who employs staff: employers, HR managers, supervisors, advisors, payroll service providers, personnel consultants.
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Running a company
These publications provide up to the minute advice on how to get the most from your company both personally and as a director/manager. They cover commercial law, tax, finance, personnel and legal liability. For directors, owners and managers.
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These publications provide useful tips and advice to increase your sales figures and turnover. They are for sales managers, sales representatives, sales agents, directors, business managers and everybody involved in sales.
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These publications provide tips and advice on saving tax. They are for everyone who wants to pay less tax: directors, business managers and owners, financial managers, tax advisors, accountants.
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